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Recording Studio APK Free Download

About App

The Recording Studio App can record, edit, and mix sounds. Developed by Glauco, it has a PEGI 3 content rating within Google’s Play Store. Its latest version is 2.0.0, and it can be installed on Android 2.3.3 or newer versions. The app takes just 11MB of space and can be installed both on phone’s internal hard drive or on a remote SD card. It can be downloaded from the play store, its creator’s website or a third-party app hosting website.


Recording studio makes recording, editing, and mixing sounds and music reasonably easy. The free version enables recording up to two tracks, while its pro version allows recording up to twenty-four tracks. The free version features a virtual instrument “grand piano”. Virtual instrument tracks can be recorded with the help of a multitouch keyboard that has been optimized for top quality. The main difference with the pro version is that the pro version comes for eight more virtual instruments. The audio tracks are recorded with the help of an external microphone or the built-in microphone. After the tracks are recorded, the editing is completed by its editor. After the recording and editing, the music can be exported in wav and audio files.


  • Mixer featuring realistic reverb effects
  • Virtual instruments
  • Key and sample editor
  • Configurable metronome


  • The app is continuously updated with new features and content.
  • Reasonably easy to use with a super intuitive interface.
  • Users can scroll the keyboards to find different sets of keys.


  • From time to time it can freeze without warning.
  • The pro version (paid) contains much more features than the free version.