Resident Evil 4 Mod APK

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Resident Evil 4 Mod APK


Resident Evil 4 has become one of the most popular games to the action game enthusiasts. Capcom Co. Ltd. is the developer and publisher of this gaming app. The PC and Android mobile users can play this game. The latest version of the game is V1.01.01, and the file size of this app is 112.83 MB. BioHazard 4 is another name of this game.


The third-person shooter game, Resident Evil 4 has an exciting storyline. The gameplay follows a story of Leon S. Kennedy,  the special agent of US government. Kennedy has started a mission for rescuing the daughter (Ashley Graham) of U.S. President as the girl has been kidnapped.

You have to play the game with one of the characters, named Leon. Another female character is Sheva. Use various weapons for killing the Zombies. You need to know the right techniques for shooting those Zombies. While the Zombies have trapped you, there is no chance of getting out alive. They can throw weapons to beat you. Thus, you have to play the game rightly to become a winner.

The game has various modes. For the Story Mode, Kennedy starts a secret rescue mission. You have to use ladders and jump from windows for pursuing the mission. Another one is the Mercenary Mode, where you can find pre-set goals and weapons. You can try to unlock the loot.


  • Constant combat and panoramic view.
  • Intuitive aiming- The players can hit the target spot.
  • Helps with various actions by using your mobile’s touchscreen.
  • Purchase option using in-game money.


  • Best Arcade game.
  • Various gaming modes.
  • Engaging storyline.


There is no auto-save option in the game.