Ringtone Maker Apk

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Ringtone Maker Apk


It is interesting to set various pleasing ringtones in our mobile, and this Ringtone Maker helps you to do it easily. This is a free app, and there is no need for any investment for making and customizing the ringtones. You have an option to create an unlimited number of ringtones.


In different ways, you may create a new ringtone for your mobile. From one of your favorite audio files, you can choose a part and cut the best part to set it as the ringtone. While your mobile has recordings or music, you may select it as the tone. In addition to the ringtone, you may use the final music as the notification tone or alarm tone.

The app also helps you in editing the recorded music. You can open the ringtone list and play all the tones to have a preview. You will be able to rename the newly clipped music. You may save the music in any of the formats, including MP3, AAC, WAV, and AMR. Choose the format that fits your purpose best. While playing audio, you can find a waveform representation, and you can click on any spot of the wave and Music player to play the audio.


  • Preview the ringtone list.
  • Audio clipping feature.
  • Optional touch-sensitive interface.


  • Easily manageable interface.
  • Helps in finding the audio instantly.
  • Faster assignment of music to any of your mobile contacts.
  • The theme of the app interface is editable.
  • Good background colors.
  • Easy to clip the songs.


  • Not caused any issue.