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Rise Of Civilization Mod APK


Rise of Civilization is an interesting warfare game, and the players have to apply the tactics for game management. They have to fight against several enemies to make their empire larger. This entertaining game is available in Google Play Store, and you have to use Android version 4.0.3 or higher to run this game on your device.


The gameplay of Rise of Civilization deals with eight civilizations, including Stone Age and feudal times. At first, you have to play with Ancient Times, when government and borders were not present. There are also twenty-seven heroes in this gameplay. As a player, you will be able to create a history of civilization. Your primary task is to construct buildings for the improvement of the empire. You have to discover the adjacent territories and resist all the threats. For combating other civilizations and barbarians, you have to rely on the generals and troops. You have an option of engaging several generals for learning better skills and for raising your level.

You can enjoy several other exciting activities. You can find out the caves, lost temples, villages, and fortress of the barbarians. Take the right step to prepare for the clash.


  • RTS gameplay- No predesigned battle; you can join it or leave it anytime.
  • The map has a zooming option.
  • Every civilization includes various units, architectures, and different other advantages.
  • Alliance features for helping other players.


  • Easy to download.
  • Thrilling and engaging game.
  • Interactive elements in the game.


  • In the VIP part, the players must buy bundles.