Shivaji Maharaj Ringtone Download APK

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Shivaji Maharaj Ringtone Download APK

About App

This Shivaji Maharaj ringtones 2018 app is published by RP developers. It brings the recent traditional and folk songs based on all-time favorites. You can use this on any version of Android higher than 4.0. It is available on the official Play Store only.


This app features both Shivaji Maharaj and Sambhaji Maharaj, their folk songs, all-time favorite music, and ringtones. It has more interesting and awesome ringtones for your mood. The latest version is 1.4. Though the menu seems minimal, it is easy to use and understand. The ringtones are free of cost if you are wondering about making payments.


The menu and interface are colorful as per the traditional designs. Both the user feedback and search is presented on the first page. You can browse through all free songs and ringtones right from the first page of the app. This is useful for first-time users. There is an expanding menu on the top right corner for more details.


You can listen to best, interesting and new ringtones from Shivaji and Sambhaji for free of cost.


The collection will be needed to update for more ringtones. It is very minimal.


Always update the app for latest ringtones. This is best for running the app free of bugs and compatibility issues as well.


The size of the app is 11 MB. You can try to store it an external SD card for saving space.