Smartwatch Apk

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Smartwatch Apk


Smartwatch Apk can connect your Android Wear smart watch with your Android phone. Personalize the dial of your watch with what matters to you: you’re steps, time, stock or more. It is one one of best apk which is very useful in the digital world.

Description of Smartwatch Apk:

Verify important information, such as who are calling, SMS and messages, and alerts of your favourite applications. You can even talk, write by hand, write, use Smart Reply or draw a quick response directly from your watch.

Features of Smartwatch Apk:

  • Get monitoring and integrated physical training from your favourite applications for running and exercising: Google Fit, Runkeeper, Runtastic, Strava and more. Track your walks, runs or walks, get strength training, listen to music and even measure your heart rate (on compatible watches).
  • Android Wear watches have the built in Google wizard.
  • Can download from Google play store
  • Easy to use Android application


  • With this application you can easily set reminders, which will appear on your device during the day. Or if you learn a foreign language, you can set up a list of new words you want to learn.
  • You can create your notes from any note creation application (Google Keep, Wunderlist, Evernote, etc.) to create reminders.
  • You can share your reminders with others (this feature has a problem on some devices, I’ll fix it soon)


  • It is costly product
  • Can be downloaded on higher version of Android phone