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Smurfs’ Village are lovable and funny and you can now play a game featuring them. Smurf’s village takes you back to your childhood days. It is challenging social game which brings back childhood memories. The evil old man, Gargamel is out to catch all the smurfs. He has found the location of the smurf village.


The smurfs have been scattered throughout the forest. It is your duty to build new village and ensure the smurfs thrive. There are timed events, purchasing items, and harvesting and collecting. Jokey smurf gives you one item per day. Timber smurf will chop wood which you can convert into gold to build more houses. There are other smurfs who has mini games that will ensure you level up the village quickly.

Smurfs’ Village, first game that you will be playing is the potion mixing game. You have to shake your phone until you get the right color potion. The Greedy smurf has four ovens which you have to watch to ensure that the pastries do not burn. You will be growing a lot of crops. There are things to build and upgrade. You will have gathered a lot of XP and gold after time. You can have your friends in the game to make it more enjoyable.The menus are clearer and easy to locate. Smurf’s village has high quality soundtrack. Smurf’s village is a free game. The smurfs still have their charm.


You need to spend money if you want to buy extras in the game. However, if you have the patience you can play the game and earn the points. The game is easy to play and kids will love it because of the cartoon characters. The app allows you to visit friends villages. Your fiends have to connect through Facebook. It is an interesting game that uses smurf characters. The smurf berries will cost you $49.99. The smurf’s village game has been published by Beeline interactive inc. The minimum software requirement is iOS 3.0 or later.


  • Colorful graphics
  • Fun sound
  • Great depth
  • Facebook integration
  • Fun minigames


  • Performance issues