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The characters can pass through fire, underwater and electrical environments being getting unscathed. The fire shield is suitable for frying the enemies. You can also use crisis big gap when in a hurry using the fire shields.


You can chose to either play as sonic or tails. You can also choose to tackle the quest on your own or with another controller. Sonic and tails have unique personal ability in addition to the sonic dash and basic jump moves. Sonic now has a shield that you can use to pass by hazards and deflect projectiles. Tails can also float for shooter periods tails can only float for short periods.

The game has six save slots which record your progress. You can now reset when you flub the chaos emerald or you want to try again. Sonic fans had to waited for two years for Sega to release sonic the hedgehog three after the second one. It is a follow up of the sonic 2. The game has had little improvements to help it stand apart from the predecessors.


Sonic 3 Apk is a continuation of sonic 2. The game one by showing sonic and tails tracking dr. Robotnik’s spaceship. They track the spaceship too an island which is known as angel island. They stop at Robotniks rival, knuckles. Knuckles appear appearances in the game make it more interesting. Sonic 3 Apk has lengthy story sequences and brief transitions. The transition are important because it helps the personalities of knuckles and sonic.

The game play is till the same which involves running through the colorful environments, propping enemies, collecting god rings and bashing bosses. Sonic 3 offers more interaction than the previous series. There is a boss at the end of every level. The graphics in sonic 3 are pretty elaborate. There are also full animated effects. The game has styled up the sonic run and jump formula and gives it some new tricks. There are shield items which provide better speed. The characters have special abilities.


  • Cute transitions
  • Save feature


  • Livelier environments