Sonic Forces Speed Battle APK

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Sonic Forces Speed Battle APK

About the app

Are you a fan of sonic? If yes, it is time to enjoy all new Sonic Forces Speed Battle Apk. This app gives you a very new experience even though there are plenty of sonic games available on the internet. All you need is to install the game, register on the game and you are ready to go.

Sonic Forces Speed Battle Apk is quite different from any other application prevailing on the play store. What makes this app different from others is the speed in which sonic runs towards the target. Further there exist many add on features that you can buy or install to make the game customize as per your needs.


  • Speed of the app and sonic is quite amazing to blow the mind of players playing the game.
  • You can cross as many as levels present in the game without much hassle. With every new level the range and speed of sonic will increase.
  • You can avail powers of sonic which are present in the game to make it quite interesting for you.
  • Sonic is appearing in his evergreen type along with more power and speed. The speed make him quite furious to the target.


  • The speed of the game as the name suggest is the biggest pro of the game. Speed of sonic makes him to reach the target fast. A player therefore needs to avail the same speed when he plays the game.
  • Sonic is having more powers and better graphics than ever before this game.
  • You will feel amazed with the type of graphics the game have. Further the sound it makes is quite alluring.


The only con of the game is it’s effect and high size. This makes it difficult to keep the game in phone for long time. Users in comment sections are also mentioning about some login issues and bugs presented in the app.

Tip and tricks

It is preferable to install updates of the game regularly. These updates will fix all prevailing issues of log in log out via the game.