Speaker Boost APK

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Speaker Boost APK

About app

Speaker Boost Apk is a small, simple and free application to increase the volume of your speaker sound. Very helpful as an additional high-volume booster for louder games, louder movies and as a music booster and voice call audio. With the help of this application, you can boost headphone and speaker loudness as well as the music volume of your smartphone. Speaker boost apk is a simple sound amp and makes your device much louder. You can also use this application while making a voice call for boosting the level of audio. This is a great addition to your music-player equalizer.


With the help of Speaker Boost Apk you can easily boost the music volume and loudness of your mobile phone. It is a music booster as well as a music amplifier that help to make your device louder. This is very dependable music booster and volume booster for android.


  • Increase the volume of your music with a single tap
  • The ultimate music amplifier and music booster
  • No root needed
  • Boost the audio of your voice call
  • Increase music volume through speakers or headphone
  • Feel the bass
  • Simple to boost the high volume music


  • The application is a small in size therefore you don’t require too much of space for having it.
  • The application provides an extremely helpful feature to any device
  • You can increase the volume of both videos and audios with the use of the device
  • The apk is simple to use
  • Has minimalistic design without ineffectual features


  • As per the developer’s warnings, this apk can negatively affect your device’s original speakers
  • The app is not suitable for all devices.
  • Speaker boost apk only enables a maximum increase of 60 percent by default.
  • Speaker boost apk can cause sound distortion in speakers of your device which can persist even after the un-installation of the app.
  • Although the extent of volume increment is rather considerable, increasing it above 40 percent can lead to serious harms to your device.