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Sprinkle is a game that has been developed by Mediocre AB. It is puzzle game that costs $1.99.


In Sprinkle, you have to use the water cannon to put out fires. You need to use as little water as possible. There are three controls that you will use in controlling the hose. Press the big red button in the bottom right of the screen and you will fire water. You can resize the nozzle in an arc and adjust the height of the hose.

In each stage, you need to put out fires using just little water as you possible you can.  You will achieve this using crevices and slopes. You need to use optimum routes that will ensure that you use just enough water and not too much. There are windmills and rocks which are on your way trying to impede your progress. The game has some amazing water physics. The water pool up and splashes over ridges and drains away.

The developer did not only do a good job in the water physics but in the sound as well.  You will be able to complete the sprinkle in the first two worlds in no time. If you would like to access more content, you need to achieve five drops in every level. You can also opt to pay real cash to get the remaining of the game.


You will be extinguishing fire and saving lives in sprinkle. Sprinkle is not like any other puzzle game. In this game, you have to put out fires with using huge cannon. There is much more than just putting out fires.

Sprinkle game physics make the more entertaining and interesting. Water is the primary tool you will be using in the game. The water is influenced by pool and the environment. There are some puzzles that require you to manipulate the environment and get access to the fires before they destroy the homes.


  • Awesome water physics
  • Fun puzzles
  • Great presentation


  • Some puzzles are confusing
  • Controls are not optimal
  • You have to pay to get extra levels