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Star Wars Force Arena APK

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Star Wars Force Arena Apk is a game that will be loved by any star wars fan out there. The game has been developed by Netmarble. You will get Han solo, Leia and skywalker from the beginning. It is one of the best star war games ever created.


The aim of the game is to you will be in control of the hero and a unit just like your opponent.  You have to defend tour towers and smash that of your enemies. You will deploy units with card system. There is a regenerating energy bar where you can spend your point costs. As you continue playing, you will be able to unlock new cards which you can add to your deck. You can upgrade your units using double cards.

The battles in star wars arena will last for about three minutes. You will be unlocking new card packs, leveling up your characters and working through the ranks ti fight tougher opponents. The heroes have special moves. Which you can use to your advantage. You will be the game progression is n such a way that you will get more as you play.


Star Wars Force Arena Apk is suitable for ages 10 and above. Star wars force arena is a game a card based strategic battle game. You will be using characters from star wars, cartoons, movies, and comics. You will be using explosives, guns and lightsabers to destroy enemies. There is communication in the game but it is in the form of emoji looking character icons.


  • There are plenty of ways you can spend real money on the star wars force arena game. You can buy new cars among other boosts.
  • The characters in the game go head to head in strategic battles.
  • They battles take place in locations from the comics, movies and cartoons.
  • You can battle other players online using planning and real time strategy.
  • The star wars force arena is available for free download and play but there are microtransactions.


  • The current version is 1.3.0. The minimum software requirements are iOS 7.0 or later and android 4.0 and up.