Street Soccer 2015 APK

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Street Soccer 2015 APK

About App

Soccer games are exciting to mobile gamers, and this gaming category has become much common in the Play Store. However, the game makers release these soccer gaming apps with various features. One of these games is Street Soccer 2015. Android mobile users can download this app from third-party app hosting websites. Without making any payment, you will be able to play this game. Install the APK of Street Soccer 2015 in your Android 4.0.3 or some higher version. This app is presently available in a few countries, including India, Japan, Austria, Singapore, Russia, and America. Bulky Sports is the developer of this gaming app.


Street Soccer 2015 gives you an opportunity of choosing your preferred football team in the gameplay. Then, you can start playing the game against the rival team. To win your tournament, you have to control your players rightly. Every team comprises five players. You may choose twenty different teams from various countries, like Brazil, Argentina, and Germany. Every team has its unique boots and jerseys. You will also play the game in 3 locations. However, by default, one of them is unlocked for you.

There are four gaming modes for you- Training, knockout, friendly and tournament modes. You will also find many football stadiums, making the game more realistic.

Move your player to the central part of the field. Then from that spot, you can kick off your ball. Find your path to reach the goalpost of the opponents. This will help you to gain a score. The powerful shots and realistic passes are some of the best features of this game. To make your team winner of the game, you have to prepare yourself after hearing the whistle. Watch the leaderboard and compete with your friends.


  • 3D soccer game
  • Highly intuitive interface
  • Cool sounds to add interest to the players


  • Easy to play
  • Get more fun and amusements
  • Free version
  • Presence of no ads


  • Flaccid shots
  • Opponents do not move smoothly


  • Press A for passing and tackling
  • Press B for kicking the ball.
  • Use Direction Keys for controlling the players’ movement.