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Stupid Zombies 2 APK

About app

Stupid Zombies 2 app have familiar interface. In this gaming milieu, you will be provided with a number of opponents to beat, a shot gauge and a pause button. You main goal is to destroy all the zombies with the use of best possible method, with the least number of ammo and shots spent. The initial levels of the game give you with the crisis of increasing your shots. However on later levels, players will be provided with some default setting elements that they can employ for making their shots more useful. Overall, this is a fun application.


The zombies return in this jam-packed and latest edition with moody environments, exciting puzzles, weapons, and brainless creatures, all packaged in a player-friendly and slick package. They say, it’s impossible to kill the dead, but you can make a splatter by shooting in their usual direction. Its just zombies vs you, so ensure to prevent the unlimited angry crowds before you are left with limited bullets.

Basically, it’s the same as its earlier version however with the different improvement and change. Your goal is very easy, kill and destroy all the zombies you can in various shots. If you fail to kill the required amount of zombies then you will lose the level and you will need to try again seeking a good strategy. If you kill the zombies in fewest possible shots, it will provide you more stars as well as better rank. Don’t forget the details and remember that you’ll get 5 lives total.


  • Universal application that you can enjoy on your preferred iOS device
  • Game Center leader boards
  • Select between a female and a male hero character
  • 500 levels
  • Incredible gameplay, getting even better!


  • The gameplay makes this game not very intense to play
  • The sound effect that follows Stupid Zombies 2 persuades you to play more and to delve completely into the game.


  • You only get five lives in the game and if you lose them, you will have to wait until you get them back.