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The wolf among us APK

About app

The wolf among us is an app that has been developed by Telltale games and costs $4.99. The wolf among us takes you through a gripping story. You will encounter unique characters and multiple choices to make. It is a point and click game based on a book comic series.


It brings you story of fables who lives in the secret within world. The wolf among us game has five episodes series which is based on the novel series, Fables. You will play the role of Sheriff Bigby wolf that is known as the big bad wolf. He is a character that is disliked and feared by many.

You will venture into the altercation with another fable. The decision you make will affect the whole story and the outcome as well. The decisions come with its consequences. You will be a detective trying to discover the mystery behind murder. The game has some of the best character interaction. You get to choose Bigby’s reaction and even situations. The communication in the game are engaging and interesting. The game also has music that does a good job in setting the moods.

The world among us has a game play that is interactive and you need to move Bigby to the direction he wants to go. You can tap on icons to take a look at a particular item and to perform an action. The items can be pieces from a crime scene or random objects. The game play is both simple and engaging to keep you entertained. There are action sequences which are enjoyable. You can slide to dodge punches.


You will find it interesting to play the game multiple times. It is especially the case when you change the way you do things differently, the outcome changes in some situations. If you enjoy the Fables, then you need to download the wolf among us to enjoy the gripping story.

  • Mature and gritty characters from fairy tales
  • Perfect place to begin fables journey


  • Simple gameplay
  • Super characters
  • Brilliant gameplay
  • Stunning visuals
  • Good sound


  • It feels awkward to move around using the touch screen