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Total conquest APK

About the Apk

Total Conquest is a type of a military game in which you have to build a city and become emperor of the city. In this game, you may take any decision and planning strategies to win the game for your citizens and your country. The winning formula of this game is to prepare a plan that helps you to win the game without any fail. Inspired by various series of games like Clash of Lords as well as Clash of Clans this game is the same strategy based fighting match.

Description of the app

The formula of winning is this game is to plan your decisions according to the Welfare of the city. You have to village points as well as goods to build your own City. Send troops as well as army in order to battle reach your enemies and make decisions as and when necessary.

You can find more details on the official website, and make this roman city yours. Let your city be safe every time and everywhere.

Features of Apk

There are plenty of decisions that you have to do regarding villas, temples, gold storage, farms, Tower Defence. There are various soldiers, building projects; architects and other areas that you have to look on as emperor of the city. As a city keep on growing and developing you have to learn things accordingly.


  • Where is the most important aspect after the military strength of the country.
  • This Roman City is based on the concept of the Roman era.
  • Hence constructing the city as well as controlling troops is quite essential areas.
  • When you start playing the game, you have to work through various menus as well as an option in order to feel how to upgrade and win battles in the City.


You are blessed in this game with fantastic audio, video, features, and hence you can avail everything in this game without many efforts. That level strategy of winning the game is to that makes sound decisions as and when required and hence the game is based on approach to keep your city safe from various kind of enemies.