Uc Mini Old Apk

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Uc Mini Old Apk


Uc Mini Old Apk is not something that is under the rock. There are many other browsers that compete with UC Browser Mini APK, however, no browser comes close to UC Browser Mini. It is consistently at the top in the browser category. The reason why it is at the top is because of its speed, easy to use and very light.


Before the release of UC Browser Mini, the UC browser was the first priority for Android users when it comes to browser. On the other hand, many people do not have a high-end Android smart phone. That’s where UC Browser Mini came into existence. Both the browser provides the same features; however, there are some minor differences between the two browsers.


  • The size of the UC Browser’s apk file is approximately 20 MB, while the UC Mini apk file only occupies approximately 5 MB.
  • UC Browser takes up much more installation space, almost 100 MB, but Mini only takes a maximum of 20 MB.
  • The UC browser has a lot of unnecessary programs, while the Mini version has only the main features, nothing else that can hang up the phone


  • Most UC users tend to download things in UC instead of browsing normally
  • The user interface is different, due to its small size
  • its speed, easy to use and very light make it best browser for android devices


Able to open on higher version of android phones.