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Ultimate lion simulator APK

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Ultimate lion simulator is amazing game has been created by gluten free gaming. You can go to the official website of Gluten Free Games to get to know about the developer and company of this game. Download and install the Ultimate Lion Simulator app on android devices that support 9 api and above. You can also download the application with the use of your preferred browser and simply click on the install option to start the installation process. You can also choose to download the application apk and run the same with the use of famous android emulators.


An African Savannah Simulator is one of the huge cats in the genus Panthera. Famous for its magnificence, the lion have both strength and beauty. The lion would have resided in an extremely different planet from the African savannah hounding for giant deer and mammoth in a land that signified the contemporary Russian Steppe.


  • Realistic simulator: being a player, you will require maintaining your energy, thirst, hunger as well as health if you want to survive in the wasteland!
  • Develop your lion pride: rule other lions and hire them to your delight. Play the game as any lion in your delight.
  • Epic fights: use razor sharp claws plus a spine-tingling holler to panic into your foes’ heart. Carry the killing gust and jump through the air, hit complex touch-based targets, and pounce on your foes. Latest touch-based commands allow you command your pride to encircle and attack your foes. With the help of latest new Night Vision, players can also hound at night.


  • Ultimate Lion Simulator is the all new edition v1.0 Mod-APK is (id).
  • Ultimate Lion Simulator is very simple to download as well as install into your mobile device (blackberry phone or Android phone).


  • The game is fun but after a few time it gets boring.
  • The game is not multi-player. And you will feel a bit weird because you are on your own.
  • You will find no one excluding the computered animals for playing with.
  • Some players might find it annoying.