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The biggest rummy website of India brings to you the all new and exciting ultimate rummy game on your smartphones. Ultimate Rummy has never-seen-before features which make your rummy game very easy plus your rummy play that are much more pleasant. To get the exciting early bird offer, you will need to download the game apk on your mobile device.


Ultimate Rummy Apk is basically a card game that includes 5 or 10 progressive hands. Each hand played needs an extra card than the last one for its primary meld. The item of every hand is to become the first participant to remove all your cards. When you make your primary meld, you sic cards on every meld in play for removing your cards and go out. Special set of cards are employed which consist of 6 wild cards known as Swirls. The player who wins each hand get to score the worth of all the cards that stay in the opponent’s hands.


  • The interface as well as graphics of this game is very imposing that you can evaluate it to a real card-based rummy game. Though your mobile has a small sized screen, this game will optimize the visual experience to higher level.
  • Ultimate Rummy Apk uses the least number of mobile data and works great in 3G and 2G data connections. Due to the great build of the application, you done require worrying about the slowdowns of device.
  • This gaming application has almost 5 million rummy game players. You will just require playing games with internet connection and an account.
  • With this game, you won’t have to be afraid of losing your game chips. You will get free chips after every 4 hours. You can continue the gameplay with the use of free chips, despite which kind of rummy you like.


  • Simple UX and UI
  • Withdraw and deposit Cash
  • Different Avatar Options.
  • Play rummy for money
  • Indefinite free rummy games
  • Play on Android and iOS devices
  • Conversion from Computer to tab or Smartphone seamlessly
  • Live Chat Support


  • The game uses loads of battery power.
  • You might experience some download problems in case of slow web connection