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ULTRA4 Offroad Racing APK

About app

Ultra4 and Gigabit went into partnership to provide you with an amazing racing game, ultra4 off-road racing. The game is available for both android and ios devices. It is one of the most popular racing games on android platform. The game features an enhanced gameplay on the ultra4 racing courses like the brutal king of hammers and king of the valleys.


ULTRA4 Offroad Racing allows you to race an ultra4 car and choose between career games or the trial stages. In career games, the player has to race on challenging courses beginning with the stock car and proceeding to the ultra4 car later in the game.

You can customize your car and choose from the sponsored cars. To conquer the obstacles, you will have to learn how to use the throttle control. You should also avoid creating damage to your car. The more you go the higher your chances of creating damage. Be ready for some real racing fun on the ULTRA4 Offroad Racing. You will be rolling your car, suffer from flats, and see smoke coming from the hood of your car. Ultra4 off-road racing goes for $1.99.

You will be in the driver’s seat and sees you scramble across different landscapes from all over the world. Some of the courses where you will be driving include the metal cloak stampede, griffin king of the hammers and king of the valleys. The game also has a Baja track where you will spend over 15 minutes before you conquer it. There are six vehicles to choose: the rock buggy, stock, unlimited, modified and two UTVs.


You will be spending hours on this racing game so be ready for the action. The game gives you the time trial mode and the career mode. There are also tuning options to determine pre-race such as the dampening of the shock absorbers. Such options will make you feel like you are in control of the vehicle.


  • Awesome truck skins
  • Reaction traction
  • 7 unique vehicles
  • 3 tough seasons
  • Fully simulated suspension
  • 5 different control layouts
  • Pro mode for extra realism
  • Helmet camera


  • Damage system with flat tires
  • Hour of gameplay
  • 42 races to conquer