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Volume Booster APK

About app

Volume Booster apk is an application that allows you to regulate the volume of particular sounds on your device. This implies that you can easily regulate the volume of notifications, the alarm, and calls separately of one another. Because of this, you can easily make the call volume very low, but keep the alarms or notifications volume high. In addition to tailoring the volume settings, with Volume Booster apk you can adjust to vibration mode of your device with a single touch. Also you can create various sound profiles based on whether or not you’re using headphones. Though, volume booster apk doesn’t allow you to make your device’s volume higher beyond technical possibilities, it allows you to adjust the settings of your device’s sound.


Volume Booster apk is a great volume control application that controls the volume of your Android phone for all sound streams (system, alarm, voice, and music). You can easily increase the sound of your device to maximum. In android devices, you’re not able to separately regulate the call voice volume, alarm volume, music volume plus other system volumes. Due to this volume booster apk, you can simply amend all these within seconds.


  • Cool user interface and realistic graphics
  • This Speaker Booster’s system sound consists of DTMF, notification sound, ringtone sound and other system sounds.
  • An important key for normal mode for restoring the original phone sound
  • Important key to turn your device into silent mode, it’s very suitable when you are going to bed or on a meeting
  • An important key to boost maximum sound stream volume, no requirement to separately louder the volume of speaker, louder music volume, loud ringtones, loud alarm clock etc.


  • This application will boost the entire quality of sound and make Android device sound like a pro media player.
  • It works well for both headphones and speakers. You’ll also find a considerable difference in your voice call, alarm, and ringer level.


  • This application doesn’t work well on most 4.2.1-4.3 devices.
  • Not every device support volume booster apk.