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Walking war robots APK

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Walking war robots is an action-packed game created for android devices. Take part in rough combats on different maps. Kill your foes and aid your friends. Become the greatest pilot of a combating robot in this action game. Walking War Robots is full action multiplayer game in which 6 teams takes part in combats in real time.


If you love robots and you want to explore avid combats among these characters, Walking war robots is a great adventure and action game where you have got to make spirited groups of robots to beat your rivals in online combats. A huge amount of accessible weapons is one of the many things that make this game very interesting. In this game, you have the power of unlocking over 45 robots; however you also need to go about getting a new armory of attack for reducing the enemy forces. Particularly, there are over 50 plasma cannons, pistols, and missiles accessible.

Another attraction of this game is its graphics, because you can feel the exhilarating fights in 3D. you just need to touch the screen for choosing the attacks as well as the robots you wish you execute. Also, you can make your individual clan to be imperishable. Walking war robots is a thrilling game that guarantees action in every level. Just make a good group of robots, increase their powers and provide them with the high-class weapons.


  • Over 20 types of weapons, such as plasma, energy guns and ballistic missiles
  • 15 combat robots with different powers;
  • Make an epic team of robots to stand with your friends in combat;
  • Join epic PvP combats against enemies from all across the globe
  • Several possible combinations of weapons and robots. Make a war machines to suit your individual playing style.
  • Finish military duties for bonuses and gain the title of “The best Pilot”.


  • The application provides team-based multiplayer action
  • There are various challenges to be had in this app
  • This application features professional and slick graphics
  • There are loads of chances to improve your robots with arsenal


  • The in-app buying can get quite costly