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If you pissed you off and you feel like whacking him, then you can release all that anger with the whack you boss you boss game. The game offers seven ways to whack your boss.


There are some bosses who are just a pain in the neck. At times, you may feel like just whacking them. Now you can do so from your mobile phone. You can now do so thanks to the app whack your boss. The app has been developed by Doodie man. The game allows you to release your tension before you can go back to work. It is an excellent place to take out all your aggression so that you do not cause harm in the office. The game gives you a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation.

You do not have to take on your boss one on one at the office when he has pissed you off. There are many items you can choose to beat your boss to a pulp. Whack Your Boss is a flash game that allows you to kill your virtual boss. The goal of the game is to murder your boss. You will be playing as a worker who has been lectured by his boss. You have to kill your boss using the different methods in the game. Once you have complete the deed, you can press a center button and restart the process. If you hover to the panic button, you will see hints and the game will also restart.


There numerous ways to kill your boss; 24 to be precise. One of the ways you can kill your boss is by hitting him with stapler and use the stapler to staple his forehead. You can also choose to beat him with a coffee mug.


The other method you can use in killing your boss is to slam a computer monitor over your boss severally you can also hit him with a garbage can.

You can throw a rule at him just like a ninja star would and have a deadly accuracy.


The other method you can use to use your fist and beat him to death.